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Important Tips on Battery Care

  Store batteries at room temperature. Heat will shorten the life of the battery. Refrigeration is not recommended.
  Keep the tab on Zinc-Air until you are ready to use them. Zinc-Air batteries stay inactive until the tab is removed and air is allowed to flow into the cell. By keeping the tab on until you need it, the battery will have a longer life.
 Open up the battery compartment of your hearing aid at night. This will prevent moisture buildup that could affect the performance of the battery and your hearing aids. Always keep your batteries in their protective package. Never carry loose batteries in a pocket or purse. If the batteries come in contact with each other or other metal objects, they may short out.
  Never dispose of batteries in a fire as they might rupture and explode. Do not attempt to recharge them.
  Always keep batteries and hearing aids out of the reach of small children. If a battery is ingested, see a doctor immediately. For recommended treatment, call the National Button Battery Hotline at (202) 625-3333 collect.
  Always carry extra hearing aid batteries with you to avoid losing the hearing benefits provided by your hearing aids in critical situations.
  Remove the batteries from your hearing aids if not in use for extended periods of time. Remove dead batteries immediately and dispose in household trash. A totally discharged battery may swell and prove difficult to remove later.
  The amount of battery life you can expect depends on the type and amplification, strength of your hearing aids and the number of hours of use. We can tell you the estimated battery life for your hearing instrument.
  Have your hearing aids cleaned and serviced regularly.

Also Available through phone orders are Assistive Listening devices

We carry amplifiers, telephones, Tdds & other accessories, all for hearing enhancement.
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